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This e-book includes some true religion stories you might have already read, and some stories yet to be published on this site. 

True Religion Stories
–Funny, Unbelievable or "Only" Strange

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Interesting True Stories

Amazing Coincidences

Religion Stories

Travel Stories

True Inspirational Stories

1001 True Stories
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An Absent-Minded Professor / The Disappeared Car; The Nearly Missed Appointment 

An Absent-Minded Professor / The Cage Laboratory

Very Short Stories: Airplane Landing

Angel Story in Kindergarten 

Bad Omens: Bird as a Death Omen 

Ask and It Is Given - Books Wanting to Be Part of My Life

Ask and It Is Given – The Impossible Cardigan Jacket in Norway 

Funny Way to Cheat: Exam on Thermodynamics (or Whatever)

Strange Coincidences Convincing Us to Believe 

Amazing Coincidence Stories - The Newly Split Companies

Ask and It Is Given - Dots Dots Dots ...  

Superstitions about a Mountain Dwarf Proved to Come True

Elephants Story

Three and a Half Amazing Coincidences: Impossible Encounters 

Unbelievable Coincidences (Encounters) in My Life

Watering Flowers

My Personal True Ghost Story 

The Power of Habit

Chakras Healing Story - Natural Healing without Operation 

Funny Coincidence in Himalaya 

Finding Lost Money - A True Story 

The Microbiology Exam 

Do Miracles Happen?

The Old Lady, Her Garbage and the Skiers

A Child´s Funny Answers on the Phone

Funny Mean Farce Between Pilots

Fascinating Connections between Lives - The Prawn Chips Coincidence 

Ask and It Is Given - The Incidentally Perfectly Fitting Rug

Funny Sad Story

How We Answered the Question "Is Santa Real?"

Ask and It Is Given - Dear Universe, I Want a Long Shawl

The Uncanny Story with Our Son 

Is Medical Technology Dumbing Physicians?

Unexpected Birth Story 

Unexpected Births

Please Meet My Friend, Your Wife 

A Sommelier (Wine Steward / Waiter) True Story 

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