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Amazing Coincidences - True Stories

Have you ever met somebody 10.000 km away from home? One does remember such amazing coincidences over years.

I did meet. Several times. Last coincidence of meeting someone far away from our homes happened in a place only a few hundred km from both of them, but still...

However, thinking it better, these amazing meetings are "mere" amazing stories rather than weird coincidences. (You find plenty of strangeness in this story here). They are not soo very funny but they are worth mentioning to document that they are possible.

True Stories of Incredible Coincidences in My Life

To set the stage for the first two, I must say that, upon emigrating in Austria, I have studied Japanese Studies and also Chinese at the University of Vienna. No wonder then that, out of my scholarship, my first big travels were in Far East Asia. Well, 

·   While travelling in China, 1992, in the city of Xian (the one with the terracotta army), the door of my hostel´s elevator opened and a young backpacker walked inside. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I addressed him in the universal travelers´ language instead of the German we used back home: Hello, aren't you...? Yes, he was...

·   While living in Japan, one year later, I was strolling in Tokyo in a kind of market place with people behind many tables, selling all kind of ware. Behind a jewelry table - another fellow student from Vienna University! Like the young man above, she was also studying Japanese in the same class with me...

The Endless Column, Tirgu Jiu City, Romania

The Endless Column in Tirgu Jiu, Romania. Masterwork of the great Romanian sculptor Brancusi. Illustration for a story in the Amazing Coincidences chapter

· Then, in the summer of 2013, travelling with my whole family in some of the so many yet unknown wonderful places in Romania, we were in this photo here and lived another amazing coincidence meeting a family of good friends of us.
     They live in another city and it was only by chance that we hadn't found out about our so similar holiday plans... 10 minutes later, either they or us, and no more incredible encounter...

I´ve lived many other true coincidence stories, both amazing and with some kind of pizzazz... and still counting. Some of them are incredible, some of them just funny. I only need time to bring them here!

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