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Interesting True Stories

I can't say it duller: this section here focuses on interesting true stories. Yes, "only" interesting.

They ARE so, even if they are not thaaat funny, or strange, neither do they tell you about amazing encounters or whatever. (If they were to be subscribed to one of these genres, you'd have find them under the appropriate category!) Still, they are well worth being told. Try one for size and you will understand!

Oh, P.S. I got a great photo to make you see what I mean. Is the following picture funny? Or strange? Stare at it until you'll see what I mean.

And the story to this photo is (are) two interesting stories I only tell here: 

1) the clock is real. No Photoshop & Co. 

It really goes the other way round. (No, it's not drunk either. I think this clock has only missed the class where they were taught how to spin.)

I used to have it in the kitchen and after a while I did get used to it. I could see what's the time from the very first moment, the way we see it when we look to any analogue clock. (OK, I used to have a full-time job in our home kitchen, that's why my husband and my kids never really get used to it.) 

I was that much used to it, that after a while there was another problem. Seeing an usual, classic clock (the style also our ancestors the cavemen :) had), I couldn't see anymore from the first moment what was the time. I had to first process the information, which algorithm is it now, clockwise or reverse

So I gave up this interesting clock because it was a bit too interesting. Still, it makes a great educational prop!

2) the eggs are real. No Photoshop & Co., no grain of salt or so. What Columbus did not know is that eggs do stand up in 2-3 special days of the year. (I refrain from telling more because I'll need this information.)

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