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Mountain Stories

Mountain Stories are, yes, related somehow to all things mountains. Be it (un)usual hiking trips, or that funny story featuring skiers (USUALLY to be found in the mountains, isn't it?, and not like in the story of The Old Lady, Her Garbage and the Skiers); or the strange story featuring the NOT ORDINARY human in this story about Superstition with a Mountain Dwarf - you'll understand the caps by reading the story...

That is, here you'll find both funny mountain stories or weird and uncanny ones. Their common feature is that mountains (or things related to them) play a significant role in them. Hence you won't find the Cardigan Jacket Story here. It does have mountains in the background. (Considering it was Norway, it would be hard to expect something else!) But a romantic scenery in France would have done it as well.

I've been hiking in the mountains since I was 14: basically with tents and a group. Not always the same group. of course. Mountains played a significant role also in finding Mr. Right! (Please note, I call him so now, 25 years after. And keep my finger crossed for the next 25.)

Old Lady, Garbage, Skiers

Real Mountain Dwarf Story

The Impossible Cardigan Jacket

My Personal True Ghost Story

Over the time you'll read here the story of the bears I have met in the Carpathian Mountains, where they are not extinct; the story about our cable-car adventure while coming back from one of the first Romanian ice hotels (as for 2013, and as far as I know, still the only one); about the yaks and their dung we were looking for on our way back from Everest Base Camp. And...

... Aaah!!, keywords "night" and "mountain story"...!! I get again goose bumps while thinking about my, yes, actually a ghost story. The only one I have lived personally and I can set hand in fire for. Of course I have heard a few others in my life; about one of them I am also really sure the young man telling it did live it through, but since I don't know him and the trust I can credit him with, I won't write it.

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