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How incredible as some of them might sound, all unbelievable or funny medical stories here are true stories. This page re-organizes the stories under My 1001 True Stories according to their theme, picking up, among the funny or strange stories there, only the stories related to a medical background. They are arranged in alphabetical order, according to the strongest word in the title.

Some of them are not only to be found under the genre "Funny Stories" or the "Strange" category, but also in the theme of School Stories. Guess why – yes, they've happened in a University for Medical Studies. Or with students from such a University. 

As with almost all true stories on my site: in order to protect the private sphere of people involved, I remove in purpose details which might make the persons be identified. (As far as some stories are concerned I even don't know their names.) I do ad sometimes a kind of setting the date in order to justify for example why people haven't used the internet or their cell phone. Or just for the sake of it.

A Very Short Story with a Dentist

... neither fun nor strange, just a bit interesting. Featuring somebody whom I will name because she is not anymore among us and she deserves highest recognition. She was my first dentist (GREAT ONE!). The story just impressed me as being the second time when I have heard a prophecy which came true. (Here is I think my first prophecy-came-true.)

November 1989 my mom was in the dentist chair. And she, the dentist, Dr. Silvia Bindea RIP, showed my mom her fully stretched palm whispering in order not to be heard by her assistant (which could be from the so much dreaded Secret Service, Securitate): "5 months. I give him 5 months."

"Him", that is our former president dictator, Ceausescu. 1989 was the year with big political and social "earthquakes" which eventually led Communism to the graveyard. It was November and he was one of the last dinosaurs, strongly rooted and for all of us apparently invincible.

That very December he was dead and buried... 

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