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Religion Stories

The Religion Stories under the button "Same Stories, theme-based" gathers all the stories in My 1001 True Stories above which are featuring mainly or tangential things related to religion: priests, rituals, saints, angels...

The listing is alphabetical according to the strongest word in the title.

To set the scene: Pretty all of the stories here I have experienced myself (or people around me which I trust with very good reasons). My religion, as almost 90% of all Romanians, is Orthodox. Christian Orthodox, if I may quote James Bond. (For you living outside Romania this doesn't bring much of information. It's enough of an explanation here to say that Orthodoxy is the Christian religion which remained closest to its origins, I mean where man hasn't interfere with Scripts, rituals & Co from its beginning.) A very short story which shows the differences between Orthodox and Catholic Faith follows:

Differences between Orthodoxy and Catholicism
Seen by a Catholic Priest

I won't mention his name. I only mention he was retired but he used to go to the Orthodox Liturgy / Mass of the Romanian Church in the Western country where this happened. On Sundays & Holy Days the churches are full, since the Romanian Church (as the whole Orthodoxy) is a living faith. (Why so, here.) This Catholic priest said once to the Orthodox priest in charge at that Romanian church abroad:

I don't understand. We've shortened the whole Catholic Sunday Mass to 15 minutes, eased the fasting rules; people stay on chairs - and there is barely somebody in the church. Here you have people standing up for whole two hours, squeezed into each other at that - and the church is full each Sunday.

If I may comment, your Holiness. It is not about this. You love what you put your effort in (and vice versa, you put your effort in what you love). A good share in our love toward our children is also the effort they meant to us. The white nights with worries and black days with thoughts. In a way, our children are also an embodiment of our effort, of our energy we put into them.

It´s not much different with the religion.

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