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Absent-Minded Prof and His Disappeared Car

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Absent-Minded Professor: Cage Laboratory

Awfully Unconscious Power of Habit

Old Lady, Garbage, Skiers

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Mean Farce for a Pilot

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Funny True Stories

Really Funny Stories for Parties or for Your Own Amusement

Actually many of the articles on this site qualify as funny true stories. They are not listed primarily here because they have other strong features like for example being an amazing coincidence. 

As already stated, I've lived personally some of them. If not, then my family, or my friends, or people I've met, or friends of friends, ...

I definitely do not rummage the internet to refresh my collection. No need to. There are plenty of true funny stories in my life or in the one of people around.

Where I do turn a blind eye is about some things from people I haven't met personally but about which I have heard on TV. There are not many of them, and they are really great stories which my husband and I love to tell at the parties and about which I think it's worth to bring them here. But then I let you know about this special status.

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There are also some interesting stories funny to listen, but not funny to live them through, though.


Funny Sad Story

I kind of remember, being still a child, my mom telling me about a teacher in her school or in the neighboring one. Her husband has left in the evening to buy some cigarettes or some bread in the shop downstairs, and didn’t come back. He had just vanished just as he was, in house slippers. I don’t know how did his wife manage the issue with the police, his working place and so on.

He only appeared some time later, if I remember it right after some months.

... Is this a funny story? For that woman surely not.

I anyhow don’t know many of this kind of actually sad funny stories. And I thought this one worth to mention it somewhere, since there will be no extra button for it.

I'd rather recommend you my all time favorite: Unbelievable But True: The Old Lady, Her Garbage & The Skiers!

Or maybe my other garbage story? The Awfully Unconscious Power Of Habit... It´s very real and also, err, very funny. (Or maybe rather tough?)

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