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For some reason the appendicitis of my son has been like a race car reaching in a few seconds from 0 to 100 km/h: In two weeks from nothing to acute. He was 10 by then, it was summer, and he was with his sister and my mother on our countryside house in the South of Romania. I had just come for a visit from Vienna, where we were actually living – when I learned that for some days he gas been having acute pains.

It was appendicitis indeed. Surgery urgently needed. The moment was very inappropriate: high summer, on countryside, with the nearest hospital in a something between town and city, 20 km away. And with one of the two surgeons, we were to find out, gone on holiday. The good one. The spare one, we were also to find out, has been described by somebody as a butcher.

To make it short: they had operated it as a simple apendicittis, it became a peritonitis. Somebody told us that, during the operation, the appendix has been picked by accident, and all its infested content spread inside, all over the place. (By an usual peritonitis the appendix makes that without help from a human.)

The wound was awful to look at. An open place where I could have stuck my three fingers. And it wouldn’t want to close.

The photo is taken after some weeks from the operation. No, no picture of the wound itself. I didn't want to ever revive the feeling of seeing it again.

Is Chakras Healing Possible?

We do believe that our thoughts and our feelings and behavior influence our body. The transformers”, the bridges acting as the missing link between body and soul, are called chakras and I have written two articles about them:  What Is a Chakra and About the Chakras' Mechanism.

What Is This Chakras Healing?

Each part of our body, its vital energy, is connected with a chakra. Different types of feelings & Co are also assigned to a particular chakra. When a part of the body is ill, that means that the appropriate chakra is dysfunctional. It is fed with a wrong” energy. Each chakra is also linked with the energy of special thoughts. (Thoughts and emotions are energy too!) By changing the thoughts, one can heal the energy of the chakra and this "feeds” the right energy to the ill part of the body.

It is not so simple, however, to identify the problem, especially because we are mostly blind to our faults.

It was not only this chakra mechanism at work in our son. At that, it came the fact that parents and children are strongly interwoven. I don’t go into detail here. I only say that, our son was young enough to be dependent of our fields of energy. So, if we wanted to really cure the problem, all three of us had to find the wrong feelings, thoughts or behavior this illness originated.

I knew what I had to improve in myself. I was not sure whether I can do it! So I spent days on end in the hospital near my son thinking yes, I’ll change it. Then, WITHOUT damned exception, something did get better in him. In 10 or 30 minutes my son was happy, or the nurse was coming in and checking something and it was better, or some pain disappeared, or he could do something he couldn’t do anymore...


Do you know the joke? A man was "orbiting” for 20 minutes in search for a parking place. He was about to be late for a job interview and, in despair, he thought „God, if you indeed exist, please, give me a parking place now and I will go to church every other Sunday”.  Bam!! Two cars suddenly pull out from their parking place right in front of him. The guy promptly waved his hand toward sky and then said Oh, sorry for bothering, there ain’t no need anymore!

After each of those ameliorations I was thinking the same: there is no need anymore. And re-deemed my changing.

And then, promptly, in the next 10 minutes or half an hour, there was the reverse: a sudden pain, or higher fever, or the nurse coming  in with a bad or "baddish" news, or in some other way worse...

Days on end living with this ping-pong of feelings.

In the meantime my husband was trying to move our son in his home city, which has a very good hospital and plenty of surgeons. But, apart of the risk of driving 5 hours on ordinary roads in his condition, where to find the one who would accept to blindly overtake such a risky patient?

... I finally could take the right decision and went out the hospital to also undertake the first step.

And I was still in the hospital’s yard when my husband called me on my cell phone: „Go on, it’s the right step to do! I have just got a phone that there is a surgeon who overtakes it!!”

By incident (or not?) that surgeon was born exactly in that more-than-a-town-not-quite-a-city we were then in... 

In the new hospital we were soon to learn that our son has obstruction of the bowels. That means different parts of the intestines had glued together. The intestines couldn’t move anymore. That is, no digestion. A further surgery was needed, to cut the obstructed part.

We got a shock. Especially when I knew what intestinal obstruction meant ón the life´s scale.

Short Medical Sidebar

The intestines are responsible for the absorbtion of the nutrients. And different parts of the intestine are "specialized” for a certain type of nutrients. Cutting a part off because of this obstruction means that those specific nutrients would not anymore be available to the patient´s growing body. Remember, our son was 10. I knew somebody who had this kind of bowels obstruction with 9 and indeed he had a very fragile appearance and was slightly undersized – while his parents and brother were very well-built.

We had to decide: do we make the operation, and then bring this perturbation in his growth?

Or we rely fully on this natural healing including this chakra knowledge, and clean up our souls?

Important notice

All I say here is told with my best possible conscience. It is my experience and I can anytime stand tall for it. But I know what it took in terms of honesty toward our own selves and toward the other. Not everybody can do it. Not easily. I do tell you: HANDLED CORRECTLY, Chakras healing is possible. Do with this information whatever you want, from this moment on it’s not anymore my thing!

Hard decision to take. We had already experimented some other chakra healings and they worked, but they hadn’t been so serious. Now it was almost a life and death situation.

... We signed the necessary papers and took our son home.

And I remember sitting on the floor late into the night with my husband, talking with each other as in a confession with the priest, thinking loudly what we might do-think-feel wrong, or what we thought the other was doing wrong.

We finally found it. It turned out that this time my husband had his say.

And the next day the first signs of improvement of our’s son digestion could be heard. I can’t describe you the feeling I had: not only relieved because it was finally on the right way. But also to see that this chakra healing did work.

And the second day started a very abrupt improvement of his condition. I forgot how long did it take till complete healing. But it worked!

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