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Take the name of School Stories not very exactly. Since you are now in the "Same Stories, by themes" chapter, you'll find here the same stories listed above in My 1001 True Stories, shuffled and re-sorted. Namely here you'll find, of course, only those stories sharing the learning background.

Thus with school is meant also university and therefore you'll find here also student stories and generally, stories featuring or related to courses, learning, University, exams, teachers and the whole bunch of things academic.

As everywhere on this site: The names of people involved are changed. I have also mostly made so that I don't mention the University or school where that particular story happened. Well, there are but two Universities For Theater And Film in Romania, and maybe some five Medical Universities, but still...

Very, Very Short School Stories
(true and not funny. Rather sad)

They are actually one line Stories: one line that speaks volumes. They worth to be mentioned but not because they were funny. In my first moths of emigration it was even disappointing to see people in that new Western World about which I had heard so so many things, that they don't know things which I thought any Romanian knows.

I don't want to hurt anybody. Now I know it is not people's fault, but the fault of the educational system. And also the fault of our civilization, which tries with all its might to keep us away from nature.

With an increasing westernization of the Romanian society, I am not anymore so sure any person in Romania could NOW, as for 2013, answer these question. It's time to change something in the education...

Back to my funny story which is rather sad. By then, 1990, I was astonished to find out that some of the students (future people with a higher academic background), did not know at age 20 or so,

First, Where the liver is, on the left or on the right?, and

Second, How does the tree look like where the watermelons grow?

Still, as most of my academic stories are usually funny stories, those here are also pretty all of them stories with a funny punchline. Enjoy. 

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