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Unbelievable but True Funny Stories:

The Old Lady, Her Garbage and the Skiers

How unbelievable it may sound, what you'll gonna read is all true. Among my funny stories, it's maybe the funniest. And definitely my favorite story to tell at parties...

My brother-in-law, emergency doctor in the local emergency department of the big hospital, got it in July 2005 from former fellow students of him working in Bucharest. The e-mail describing it had the title “Look what a case we have just dealt with…” or so.

... Universities had just finished one more school year. Party time, folks! This one party was not in some students residence, but in a shared apartment in one of the wonderful old buildings Bucharest is full with

Renovated building in Bucharest, Romania. Brancovenesc style, the typical Romanian architecture between the Wars

These buildings are typical for the interwar period classical Romanian architecture in Bucharest

Living example for the glamour of the interwar period architecture in Bucharest, Romania
Old Manor from the beginning of 20th century in Bucharest, Romania - typical Romanian architecture

In the 3-4 floors high buildings of this style there are also rounded, snail shell-like staircases: Just perfect for this funny story about some students and some garbage... 

Typical Romanian architecture between the Wars, when Bucharest was called Paris of the East

Those 3-4 floor buildings, of course, have a staircase. And because as I told you (did I?) there was a sort of competition among architects as for who is building the most beautiful, harmonic houses, this one had a rounded stair case –  like the snail shell. 

I forgot whether the party I am talking about was for having finished the University or just one more University year. Fact is that, toward 2 o’clock in the night, beer and anything else drinkable (water not included) was drunk. And not because it had been too scarce… Well, time not for going to bed, but to fetch some more beer.

The party was on the 4th floor of such an interwar period building. Gosh, just imagine, 4 floors to go first down and then again up!, what a tremendous work!! And no elevator, all by foot! 

By foot?! No way…

The beer too-much-consumption has some side effects, and thus somebody came with the idea… 

How could it feel to go down the rounded stairs… By skis? 

Brilliant… In a jiffy two pairs of skis appeared, two young men slipped into them, and down they go. 

Everything went all right – until the first floor. Remember, it was about 2 a.m. in a hot summer night. By that late/early hour an old lady, about 80, more exactly a sleepless old lady a bit deaf, had the idea to bring her garbage out.

Of course, our skiers hadn’t reckon with people on the stairs by that time. Which also could not really hear them coming at that. Well, now… you imagine.

Bumped into.

                Fell down.

                                Hip joint broken. 

In spite of being so drunk, they've somehow realized, among vapors, that something bad was going on. They took the old lady who couldn’t now move, got a cab and drove her to the hospital. They made it sure she got a bed... and, I guess, back to the party.

When they woke up, next – well, maybe "morning" is too exaggerated, let’s say next day, they somehow… Kind of remembering… There was something… in the night… garbage… skis… Oh, got it ! Old lady in the hospital!!

And the Punchline of -for Me-
THE! Story of the Year...

The two night err, skiers, even could remember which hospital they had brought her to. Remorsefully they went there to see how she was, entered the Orthopedic department, went to the room they had “parked” her in the night – and surprise! The bed was empty, painfully white and neat. Just ready for the next patient. 

They duly got scared. Wouldn't you?! The old lady was really old after all, and besides the collision hasn’t been a soft one. At her age… “Sorry…”, they hesitantly asked the nurse, “You know…?” They were utmost embarrassed and fearing the worst possible answer. “I mean… There was an old lady here in this bed, brought in this night… Where… what… where is she?"

The nurse didn’t seem to remember. But then her face lit up when it suddenly made “click” in her memory.

“A, the old lady with the broken hip joint? Oh, she’s pretty OK now. We had to change departments, she’s now in the Psychiatry. Just imagine…! She claims, obstinately, that she broke her hip in the middle of the night because of two skiers who knocked her over in the staircase…!!!

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