About Me: Oltea Goia-Demian

Oltea Goia-Demian, author and owner of 1001 True Stories dot com

Born in ’67, I’ve started this website while 46, on an October 26th.

This time the date was on purpose. It was exactly on the day when, 25 years before, it ALL started. The coincidences linked to this October 26th are one of those unbelievable stories I would hardly believe if I were you.

How Comes that I have
So Many True Stories to Tell?

Born in Romania (which is not a story, but a fairy-tale of a country…), I’ve lived in five Romanian places so far. And I’ve been calling Vienna/Austria 16 years long my home, with some short intermezzos: UK (almost 3 months) and Japan (6 months).

Living in a new place means a whole new bunch of friends, neighbors, incidental acquaintances, workplaces... Of small talks and interesting STORIES.

Then it's because I've attended two Universities. That means two sets of fellow students. After graduating (Physics) in Romania’s Timisoara, I’ve started all over again in Vienna’s University with Japan Studies and Chinese language.

And then the working places. Baby-sitter and waitress in Japan, household help for seniors and shop assistant in Vienna (plus my toughest job of all, mother of twins!!, unexpected ones at that...), Physics, Chemistry, English and German teacher and outdoor team building trainer in Romania.

Encompassing all these places: a freelance writer, abstract art photographer and concept fashion jewelry artist too – the exhibitions in Austria, Swiss and Romania included.

Provided this whole array of experiences, doubled by many hundreds of books read and many thoughts connecting things, I am about to start a private school of a pretty new style. A school sparking with ideas. A school gathering under one roof personal development, all kind of intelligences (including spiritual intelligence which is the topic of a separate website, www.SpiritualIntelligenceAcademy.com), useful knowledge, and JOY.


A school based on the pleasure to learn. To learn old things in new, interesting clothes, fitting our ever changing era. 

And then all the travels... Phew!, after having crisscrossed my own country Romania (before 22 mostly hitch-hiking on all kind of vehicles or dodging the fare on trainsas any student respecting himself used to in the communist era, to compensate the lack of student discounts) I have decided this country is already almost fully ticked off and I need another one. Result? I've poked my nose all together for more than 2 years into about 45 countries on 4 continents. Still counting, even if now I’d rather read or write.

That's it. Oh, I should also mention it: my soul was and still is rather that of a... say thinking, fearless and curious child. It was mostly not my fault that my personal stories unfolded as they did.

While my alternative sources of stories are mostly friends and relatives of us. When they, the inborn former troublemaker boys, start telling their stories, it's like fireworks. And then I stand back and keep quiet. I meant to say, keep laughing.

Some of their stories are here. My personal favorite one: this garbage story...

Love and be loved. And enjoy life! You never know what’s after the corner... (some elephants, for example)

Yours, :) Oltea Goia-Demian

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