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Strange True Stories

As unbelievable as all the stories under this button might sound (… read), the stress falls on the words TRUE STORIES. And, because the words "strange stories" includes synonyms like weird stories, or also eerie or uncanny ones, I was very much cautious in what particularly this page here concerns.

If you are here you probably know already: this website is actually all about true stories. Many of them I've lived myself. The rest are the funny, the incredible, the amazing stories of people around me. If you believe them or not, it’s not my business. I did my best to write them as exactly I could recall them. And those that are not my stories are here ONLY because I trust the people they told them like myself.

(Loong) Sidebar about "The World Beyond"

Just a thought... The fact that we can't explain things has nothing to do with their actual occurrence. After all, we could be now in the eve of discovering the explanations of all those inexplicable facts still giving headaches to science, and proving for example that God exists. (They almost did... As a graduate of a Physics Faculty I can follow the newest discoveries and (I admit, only halfway) understand what Quantum Physics knows about a special Field in the Universe. This Field, The Zero Point Field, has all the characteristics of God: it is everywhere, records everything be it thoughts or deeds, has an unbelievable power and connects instantly all parts of the Universe, no matter how far apart they might be...)

Electricity did exist before us discovering and using it. That the science could not explain thunders and some sparks didn’t prevent them from happening.  

Don't just believe what is here. Inform yourself. There are great books giving you amazing insights. The Field by Lynn McTaggart is maybe the best example, written also for non-physicists. If you have no time for a book, you might want to read some resumes on this site (Nov. 2013: Not yet, until about end of January 2014 that site is also under construction.)

Who said that? Miracles happen not in contradiction with the laws of nature, but in contradiction with what we know about nature...

To resume it all in one phrase: Believe it or not, the stories here are strange true stories which did happen. Period.

One which touched us deeply because our son was involved in it is this Uncanny Story With Our Son here.

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