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My True Inspirational Stories

(Completion of this page yet to come. I only tell you so far: NEVER give up! Have faith and have Trust that, 

IF you don´t infringe the LAWS OF LIFE


DON´T intentionally harm anybody


you are not in danger of harming your own soul by, e.g., getting arrogant with the success...

... you´ll eventually get what you are up to!

Some things to bear in mind:

  • It may take longer as thought,
  • it may have its downhills,
  • it may require reconsideration of your mind settings,

but there is ALWAYS some way out, and you will succeed!!)

Oh, ad "it may have its downhills"...

I take it back: you'll definitely have some downhills. Count on them. Expect them! As somebody wiser said once, If a path has no hurdles on it, it probably goes nowhere. That downhill may lead you until the level of the ground. I mean, you'll feel sometimes crashed. But if you'll look around, you'll find a way out!!

I'll give you an example I have personally lived in the past month. I have told you I am in a turmoil and that's why it was impossible for me to keep the one-article-a-week rhythm. Next week I'll write here a tiny little part of this turmoil, the one worth to stay in an article presenting my true inspirational stories. It also shows the way God opens a door when He closes a window, but I think it's not shiny enough to make an article of its own. Keep in touch!

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